Smart Package Tour System

We are able to present our customers with their choice of flight tickets, hotels, transfers, ground services, tour guide and event services separately, and with the first dynamic package of this kind developed in Turkey, we are able to succeed in offering our clients a Smart Package Tour (virtual package), encapsulating all of these services under one roof. With the Smart Package Tour System; Flight+Hotel+Transfer+Guide+Travel Health Insurance are calculated with artificial intelligence, starting from the origin flight, right down to the destination hotel. In this manner we are able to provide tours to more than 180 countries and 440 destinations.

How it works:

  • The ability for tour operators to arrange tours to any destination in the world, between 2 and 14 days, in just a few minutes
  • With our hotel + flight + transfer integrations, the ability to create reservations simultaneously,
  • For an operation of this size, it completely removes the need for man power
  • Within 6 seconds, it establishes over 100 connections to 40 different suppliers and performs over 400 000 mathematical calculations, thus being able to pull, convert and calculate hotels, flights, ground services and insurance, creating a virtual package,
  • The Smart Package Tour System is able to create 1 200 000 different tour packages each day.

Dynamic Package Tour System

Alongside our Smart Package Tour System, we have also created a system similar to Expedia's Dynamic Package Tour system.

With this system, our clients are able to choose whichever of hotel + flight + guide + travel health insurance + visa services they wish, as well as their take off and return points, their arrival and departure airports and airline choices, different hotel dates from their flight dates, as well as only their arrival/departure and transfer selections.

Cyprus Hotel Distribution System

With the integration of our APU (Web Service) to the biggest Cyprus hotel suppliers, our agencies are able to create online reservations for hotels in Cyprus. With this integration, our agencies are able to make reservations quickly and efficiently.

Foreign Hotel Distribution System

With over 250.000 foreign hotels integrated into our systems, agencies are able to make instant online reservations. This system is integrated to all suppliers and reservations are made simultaneously.

Flight Distribution System

Integration with Galileo, being two of the largest flight distribution systems in the world, and Travel Fusion, being a low cost distribution system, we are able to connect to all airline companies in Turkey and offer our clients the option of more than 65 000 scheduled flights with more than 256 airlines.

Transfer and Guide Services

With the integration of ground services and tour guide services into our systems, we provide guides and transfer services to over 400 destinations. This system is integrated to all of our suppliers, and the reservations can be done simultaneously.

Event Distribution System

With the integration of our events system, we are able to add event integrations to all of our tours and present it to our clients. Our Event Distribution System works with all of our suppliers. All of the reservations are completed online requiring virtually no man power.

  • Shows and concert tickets
  • Museum tickets
  • Tickets for sporting events
  • Daily and activity tours
  • Safaris
  • Independent tours
  • Ski tours
  • Ski equipment rental

Web Build (Website Creation Module)

Specialties of the web build:
  • Definite flights 365 days a year to tour alternatives to 180 countries and 440 destinations,
  • The sale of flight tickets, foreign tours and Cyprus hotels,
  • The ability to make sales 100% online, simultaneous reservations 7/24,
  • The ability to filter hotels according to their locations, ratings and concepts,
  • The ability to provide more information to our clients with our advanced map filtering,
  • Flexibility when choosing flights and hotels,
  • After choosing the tour, being able to select from a variety of optional services,
  • XML integration to all banks, as well as offering installments and the usage of 3D secure.

API Integration

Operators and agencies with websites can integrate any and all of our services listed below with our API (Web Service)
  • Ready website setup module
  • Reservation module
  • Operation module
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Module (CRM)
  • Distribution & API Module
  • Agency Module
  • Payment Module
  • Finance Module
  • Marketing Module
  • Reporting Module
  • Mobile Application Module

Back Office

With our Back Office services, we are able to provide our clients with the ability to help manage tourism operations, product management, CRM and financial reporting.
  • Reservation Module
  • Operation Module
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relations Module (CRM)
  • Agency Module
  • Payment Module
  • Finance Module
  • Marketing Module
  • Reporting Module