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Frontend Meetup Istanbul

29 September 2018

Istanbul / Turkey

Frontend - Meetup İstanbul sponsored by Travelbuild; AST - Abstract Syntax Tree data structures has been analyzed through JavaScript samples.

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Travelbuild Bootcamp

20 - 23 September 2018

Kusadasi / Turkey

To discuss about our "vision", Bootcamp has taken place at Kusadasi Amara Sealight Elite Hotel as a four day event between 20-23 September.

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Frontend Technologies Conference

30 June 2018

Istanbul / Turkey

In the event, software developers has gathered to talk about current front end technologies within consecutive sessions throughout the day.

Front End Technologies Conference

2018, June 30, Saturday | Bogazici University / Istanbul, Turkey

Bogazici University Frontend Istanbul

By attending Front End Technologies Conference, we aimed to be informed about emerging front end technologies rather than the one we use in our projects; we planned to maintain the best practices for our infrastructure while questioning the technologies. Upon the event, we have updated our EMP Package Manager to Yarn, accordingly. We had a chance to meet with pioneers of the industry throughout the event; discussed the direction of industry with them and represented them Travelbuild’s cultural values, at the same time.

frontend istanbul frontend istanbul frontend istanbul

Travelbuild Bootcamp

September 20th - 23rd 2018 | Amara Sealight Elite Hotel, Kuşadası / Turkiye

Travelbuild Bootcamp is an event which aims to get all stakeholders of Travelbuild (called Travelbuildians) together and help them become one. In our four day “vision” themed Bootcamp event which has taken place at Kusadasi Amara Sealight Elite Hotel between 20-23 September, we have intended to share our targets and plans transparently in the light of our beliefs and awareness. The inspiration for success comes from our organizational development, market relevance, innovations, products, technology and people who work in collaboration. Bootcamp aims to make people think that they are part of bigger organization and have their commitment in achieving the organizational targets. Most importantly, Bootcamp aims to make people love what they do in the organization rather than just having respect for it; people’s desire to move the organization one step forward will be our biggest achievement for this event.

Day 1: Thursday, September 20th

Upon our arrival at hotel, we had some time to prepare ourselves for busy schedule of presentations. At 14:00, presentations started after opening speech; first one is about origins and evolution of Travelbuild. We have our energy boosted with a video which is prepared as a surprise to our CEO, Baris Y. Aygun; it includes various professionals from travel industry who share their opinions about our project and CEO. We have had a better understanding of our progress.

Travelbuildians got together for dinner following presentations on Market, Product, Technology, HR, Commercial Product & Technological Innovation and Business Agility. Then, we put an end to the day with Agile-Scrum presentation and attended after-party. We had a chance to talk with each other and know each other better in the after-party which was held for relaxation after our trip and presentations.

We enjoyed our time at breaks :)
We were all together at dinner on the first day

Day 2: Friday, September 21st

Our second day started with a delightful breakfast. In our free time, we mostly had fun like kids in the water park and enjoyed the beautiful sea at Kusadasi. At 16:00, we were ready for Beach Volley Tournament. As three separated teams, we competed against each other until the final whistle. It was realized by everybody how well-organized we can be with our friends off the job while we work closely on daily basis. Together, we enjoyed ourselves at well in the water park upon our competitive tournament and got ourselves ready for delicious meals at suppertime.

Each team put an incredible effort to win the tournament!
We had fun like kids in the water park :)

Day 3: Saturday, September 22nd

Day 3 started a little bit earlier. After a light breakfast and a short trip, we were at a place of which had been thinking for some days… We had a scuba diving experience (6 meters deep) in four person groups upon having a brief introduction. By learning the hand signals, we understood how to communicate with instructors underwater when there is a problem.

Smiling for the camera with our certificates!
We had conversation and played games after dinner…

Day 4: Sunday, September 23rd

In the last day of Bootcamp, we benefited from hotel facilities till our departure while enriching our Agile culture with discussions.

We still enjoy our time at the hotel till our departure time!

Frontend - Meetup Istanbul

AST(Abstract Syntax Tree) - About the usage with JavaScript

Sponsored by: Travelbuild Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş.

2018, September 29, Saturday | Bilek Hotel Levent Istanbul, Turkey 14:00 18:00


We have analyzed AST - Abstract Syntax Tree and similar data structures through JavaScript samples and understood the use of them via advanced techniques in real life contexts throughout Frontend - Meetup İstanbul sponsored by Travelbuild Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş. As Travelbuildians, we have learned new things and established our knowledge-base while having a chance to meet with front end developers from industry and exchange opinions. In addition, we have had a chance to represent Travelbuild and our values to individuals who are curios about our company culture as potential candidates to be Travelbuildians.

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