About Us

Travelbuild was founded and started providing services in 2016, providing tourism based software, backed by an experienced and expert team. Our company is differentiated by our competitors in Turkey and abroad (classical tourism operations are run by massive amounts of man hours) by using all new technology suitable to our purposes, as well as the use of artificial intelligence, which eliminates the need for large amounts of man power and hours.

Travelbuild has already made an impact on Turkey and in the near future, plans to make a global impact with innovative, global projects. Having seen the technology based problems in the tourism industry, we have set out to innovate against these hindrances. By joining tour operators and agencies under the same roof, we have established a highly marketable tourism distribution system.

Our Mission

Our mission is to apply the innovation needs from the tourism industry, by providing all of our new technologies and services to all distribution channels, tour operators and agencies. By providing new age tourism technology we are striving to guide tourism management systems forward.

In both domestic and foreign tourism industry, success is mostly based on highly qualified workers with high costs, with the success of operations depending entirely on them. New products and operations are run entirely on man power, thus only a limited number of destinations and tours can be made available to the market. These are often restricted by dates, flights and hotels. In a day and age where almost everything is done online, and where technology is constantly advancing, we saw it fit that our standards and practices would fit this model, and this ended up being one of the main reasons to start our project.

Our Vision

Applying the innovative needs felt throughout the tourism industry, and providing our technology investments to supply channels, tour operators and agencies. By guiding tourism operations with our tourism focused technologies.

While we are striving towards our goals, we will not eliminate our need for creating new and innovative visions. Also in our scope of work is making the best use of the data we have collected in our data pools over the years, and turning that information to the most useful that it can be. By using our customers experiences and feedback through social media and search engines, we collect data through many sources and turn this data into data which will benefit us usefully over in the long term. Our mission is for the 8.000 agencies in Turkey and 640.000 agencies around the globe to be using our services and creating their own web based systems.